Andy Dyrcz

Andy Dyrcz

Cyber Security Leader


Andy Dyrcz has over 15 Years Experience

Andy Dyrcz has over 15 years of experience

building & leading innovative web operations & information security teams. He has focused his career working within the ecommerce sector as well as with entrepreneurial growth organizations where technology is their core business & product. Within these organizations, Andy has an accomplished record of building successful cybersecurity, operations, and privacy programs while promoting & embracing the ideas of DevOps culture and practices..

Who is Andy Dyrcz?

I am a dedicated technology strategist and executive leader with expertise in increasing uptime to 99.99%+ and improving security while driving business growth. I have been called a Technology Innovation Thought Leader who excels in strategic planning, a mentor who leads by example and inspires world-class teams to give 110%, delivering a quality of excellence in performance that speaks for itself.

My background includes leading major IT performance transformations at diverse multicultural organizations, from early stage start-ups, to midsized companies working on exit options, all the way up to including a Fortune 50 company. My qualifications include broad strengths in information security, technology optimization, operational excellence and talent management. I have had the honor of building and coaching exceptional teams that consistently meet or exceed goals, all while translating the progress of our objectives and goals in a digestible manner to other executives and board members.

With over 15 years in technology, and 10 years of experience building and leading high-performing teams, I am driven to enable innovation, support business objectives, establish and maintain risk discipline, and ensure regulatory compliance based on a cost-effective approach to operational and technology risk management.

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  • Information Security
  • Digital Privacy
  • DevOps Engineering
  • Cloud Architecture